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Hey there, I’m Finkus Bripp, glad you could make it.


– think.
– create eye candy.
– produce rousing concepts & designs related to the wine industry.
– pen slogans, corporate & marketing copy and articles.
– fly drones, shoot & edit vids and take pics.
– am an accredited SOMM.
– have judged in international wine tasting competitions.
– educate people on how to taste and enjoy wine – www.mysomm.de
– host “SILENT TASTING wine reviews” (vids coming soon)
– founded the Grand Crüe (GC) – www.grandcrue.com (in progress)
– founded and sold a wine startup.
– produced my own wine collections.
– ❤️ cycling, especially in breathtaking wine regions.
– ❤️ good food & wine.
– ❤️ writing about cycling, good food & wine in breathtaking wine regions.
– ❤️ guitars.
– ❤️ vintage cars.
– am Canadian.
– am also Italian.
– live in Munich, Germany.
– speak English, German, French and Italian fluently.
– am actually named Daniele del Gesso.

Nice to meet you.

Please use the form below if you’d like to get in touch for anything related to wine: press trips, tastings, submit wines to be reviewed, co-op opportunities etc.

For more info on my “day job”, please visit www.CHALKcreative.de

I look forward to hearing from you.