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Ride far, drink slow!

Hey there, I’m Finkus, glad you could make it to my official Interwebz presence, which incorporates some of the things I enjoy most:
quality wine & food and long bike rides in breathtaking wine regions as well as bike-friendly cities.

Hopefully you do too!

Themed “Ride Far, Drink Slow”, my articles (100% independent, by the way) aim to convey regional culinary and cultural authenticity in a fun & relaxed manner. I’m not known for breaking any land speed records nor do I plan on it anytime soon, so don’t expect any hardcore cycling tech talk, the latest in carbon frame weaving etc. I just love to ride! Especially vintage steel. I also find there’s no better way to discover a wine region and feel the change in elevation while taking in the sights and smells nature has to offer.

The spirit of my content offering can be summed up with the following word… SOUL!

SOUL eating (eating in moderation and concentrating on whole foods)
SOUL drinking (drinking in moderation and concentrating on quality)
SOUL riding (cycling simply for the enjoyment of riding and its health benefits)

In addition to this you will find SILENT TASTING wine reviews, in vid and text format, of the types of wines I enjoy drinking most:

handmade in small batches, often under-the-radar, (hopefully) offering a lot of bang for the buck, making you go “woah!”, forcing you to think, and made by authentic people.

Enjoy the ride and keep on keepin’ ON!