The City's Hottest Eatery

First off, if you’ve never been to GAMPER (Nietengasse 1) and plan on visiting, go early because with only 30 seats and as one of Zurich’s hottest restaurants, they don’t take reservations.

Absolute simplicity! That’s the only way I can describe GAMPER. Whether it has to do with their décor, number of positions on their menu, or even their website, it’s a level of stylish understatement with 100% authenticity and 0% pretentiousness.

Normally, restaurants with service staff draped in a black vest, black pants, white shirt and bowtie (OK, they don’t wear a bowtie), are a thing of yesteryear. But heck, even that is pulled off with a level of perfection that spending a few hours at GAMPER isn’t just a culinary highlight but makes you feel like you’re part of a perfectly orchestrated theatre piece. Not to mention, the staff is highly professional and extremely inviting.

GAMPER offers two menu choices with a soup, salad and dessert. Regardless of what you choose, expect only the finest in regional ingredients. The presentation is reminiscent of that offered by fine, rural restaurants like you’d find in Tuscany, Piedmont, Burgundy or Bordeaux… practical with no chi-chi. But the flavours and aromas are absolutely explosive, the quality never a compromise.

Due to the long day and many restaurant visits before hand, we opted to actually skip the soup and go straight to the salad, followed by a slow cooked duck on a bed of sweet potatoes. Neither dish left us wanting for more, they were pure perfection.

Due to the 100% regional menu, we decided to stay in Switzerland as well when it came to our wine choices.  We kicked off our meal with an organic 2016 Chasselas by LA MAISON CARÉE AUVERNIER (Lake Neuenburg) – crisp, clean and bright, a perfect starter wine – which was followed by one of my true Swiss favourites, Thomas Litwan’s 2013 Elfingen Rüeget Pinot Noir (Aargau). If you’re a Burgundy/Pinot fan, and not yet familiar with Thomas’ wines, there’s not time like the present to discover them.

All in all dinner at GAMPER was not only delectable, it was an experience. What dining should be. When Christoph mentioned this was one of Zurich’s hottest dining spots, of course my expectations were very high… but the GAMPER team managed to surpass these expectations.

You definitely have to go.

Nietengasse 1
8004 Zürich

Tel. +41.(0)44.221 11 77