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COMING SOON to an Interwebz near you: SILENT TASTING wine reviews in video format.

In a nutshell, I was itching to do a new video series, and giving people a heads-up regarding some of the tasty, B-Side, under-the-radar wines I’d been tasting the past years, seemed like a good idea.

But I didn’t feel like doing wine reviews in the typical “talking heads” style. Very few in the wine industry are truly good at it, in my opinion. Myself included. And since people say I tend to talk too much anyway, I figured I’d take the opposite approach… kindly shut the f*ck up and let my hands do the talking.

Did I mention it’s been a dream of mine to be a mime since the age of 7? Now’s my chance!

Each wine will be reviewed in a short, entertaining video and for those interested on learning more about the wine, region, producer etc., they can visit this website for the full write-up and eye-candy.

If you’re interested in finding out when the series is released, I tend to announce this kind of stuff on social media. The links to my profiles can be found on the left hand side and in the footer of this website. So please give me a follow or friend me up if you feel so inclined.

Keep on keepin’ ON!